July 24, 2024


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New Era Sweet Talk – How to Genuinely Do Affirmations For Prosperity and Happiness

In life, patience, programming and repetition until mastery is power. The way to do affirmations is no exception in any way. In fact this article could be called “auto genesis training of the mind for a new age”. Indeed, the title I used is more eye catching and you will see my reason for it as you read this article. So, think of this, the new era “sweet talk” is not just good sounding, but it creates genuine tangible power and prosperity in life and existence. So, I repeat the old “sweet talk” that always works even in the new era: patience, programming and repetition until mastery is power. Same applies here, only, it does more than just gives lip service to it, it combines with everyone and their genuine natural natures until it is all second nature in every genuine way.

Granted, the mind is the most powerful computer made by anyone, man or God or whatever. But consider this, nothing has genuine objective and provable power until it is genuinely used correctly. That is true for anything, even a light bulb or a wheel. In essence, I am saying that nothing is real until it is proven, no matter what. Ability is the ultimate promised payment note, unfulfilled and unpaid in every way when not used correctly. Indeed, only when used correctly is anything fulfilled. Right down to the light bulb when it was invented right with the right filaments and correct vacuum tubing. Sure anything can be used wrong, but it takes persistence, and skill to use things right. This is the essence of “new era sweet talk”, to use the power of the mind correctly instead of wrongly,and to do more instead of less with it. To do genuine good for yourself and others instead of stealing in an evil way. To be honest instead of dishonest.

Reality to be used correctly as a whole takes patience, realistic programming and repetition until it is mastered, we can all agree on that. But consider this, effort and action on these ideas is also needed, no passivity of any sort conscious or unconscious. The role of the conscious is to captain the ship and the role of the unconscious is to be the ship, that is using your resources correctly ironically. Note: I did not say that the whole thing did not have to put out effort and energy, it does. Fully and succinctly without letup, the conscious has to direct through motive power and the unconscious has to do the motion, but rest assured, everything has to and will get where it is going and flowing only if used correctly. That is not just a disclaimer statement in this article, but a genuine objective warning. Indeed, what happens when a vehicle is used wrongly, such as a car, you get into an accident at worst, endanger lives “at best.” The point being, correct use brings benefit. Wrong use brings penalty. If wrong use “feels good while you are doing it”, then the consequences will be that much worse. More solemn words of warning.

So, when I say the words “sweet talk”, I mean something objectively beneficial in every way, nothing wrong, nothing silly, and through this article, I hope you go away from it with better or more solidified beneficial ideas about life and existence, because if you live honestly and correctly, be sure you want to, because no matter what you do and you do not want to do it or do not have the genuine desire, even if you do “succeed”, it cannot be correct unless you want it. So, use your resources correctly and for what is genuinely desired, and you will be a master among people, yourself.