May 29, 2024


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Are Fortune Tellers Real? The Do’s and DON’TS For Future Prediction Readings That WORK

What can a fortune teller tell me? Can they honestly predict my future? Are they guessing… or reading my mind? Do fortune tellers use tarot cards, or are they more likely to get information from spirit guides or guardian angels instead? Or, is the whole idea of predicting the future a bunch of spiritual silliness and new age nonsense instead? Any of these questions sound familiar?

If you are anything like the millions of people who consult with a psychic, or get a tarot reading or use a horoscope or astrological chart to try to “divine” your future each year… they probably do. And while there IS an incredible amount of insight, information, illumination and inspiration you CAN get from a future oriented reading, understanding the limitations… and what to avoid, is also equally as important as well.

Curious to know a bit more? Continue reading as we dive in and take a closer look at a few of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for psychic predictions and future oriented readings that really DO work wonderfully well.

First – DO understand that nothing is set in spiritual stone.

All of us have free will and choice, and nothing that a reader sees in your future can’t be overcome by simply choosing differently, and pursuing a different path than the one that you are one.

DO keep an open mind… but DON’T let your brains fall out. It’s important to be open, aware and AWAKE when getting a future oriented reading, but you simply can’t believe everything you hear, and there is NO psychic or intuitive who is ever 100% accurate.

DO write down 3-5 important questions before getting a reading, and having them available, in front of you when the session starts. This applies whether you are seeing someone in person, or calling a reader on the phone.

DO seek out tarot card readers for future oriented predictions as well. Why? Tarot is one of the best symbolic spiritual tools for illustrating potential paths, and purpose, and outcomes as well. While all psychics should be able to do a good job with future predictions, tarot cards are uniquely suited, in my experience, to be superior for that purpose. (over and above other “mental” or spiritual approaches)

DON’T ever allow a psychic to tell you about spells, hexes, curses or magical solutions to your problems. This is often a recipe for financial fraud… and is the FIRST sign that a psychic is a scam as well. (it rarely happens, but it IS worth pointing out)

Lastly, DO have fun with your reading. The truth is, we are ALL on a spiritual path, whether we realize it or not. The choices you make DO matter… but the good news is, even if you choose poorly, you always get an opportunity to improve or “re-set” your spiritual compass.

That is truly the most inspiring lesson I’ve learned in my own adventure… it’s never too late – and you ALWAYS get another chance. At the end of the day – we live in a world of love, light, beauty and bliss… and no matter how hard things may seem on the surface, underneath it all… in the end, it’s always going to end okay!