May 24, 2024


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Microsoft Dynamic Nav

What is Microsoft Dynamic Nav?

The Microsoft Dynamic Nav is the part of the Microsoft Dynamic family a middle market accounting software is also known as Navision, Microsoft Business Solution: Navision, or Navision Attain. Nav is an accounting software package or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package


Previous NAV’s licensing model, “Module Based License” (MBL), is lack of functionality but in 2006 NAV is licensed to use BRL (Business Ready License) model. Microsoft offers an option to his customer to transition from MBL to BRL.

In BRL license the customer purchases user session have access to certain parts of the system. Normally users are two types (1) Business Essentials (BE) and (2) Advanced Management (AM). Advanced Management is more functional then Business Essential.

NAV has an option that offers the administers to use a native database or then Microsoft SQL Server for Data Base Management. SQL can mange large database sizes but need more maintenance then the native database.

NAV has a strong feature set. But more important point is that it can be thought of as an “ERP System construction set”. Developers can easily access to the development language like Pascal is designed for rapidly customizing the software. Customers don’t need to use complex server side Transact SQL stored procedures to manage the application and database. This is a new development or modifications in NAV.

Approximately 65,000 companies are running the solution with over 1.3 million end user licenses. Approximately 13,000 of those companies are in the US. It was the first and only mid-market ERP application to break one-million end user licenses.


NAV utilities are small software modules which purpose is to improve programmers and database administrators work convenience and effectiveness. It makes program development and implementation processes faster and their cost lower. First the NAV developers/implementers (or just enthusiast programmers) developing utilities for their own needs and then distribute as a software product.

Why You Will Chose Microsoft Dynamic NAV

You have a limited budget that’s why you are unable to find a financial and supply chain management system. You are willing to expand your business into new countries with different currencies. You are looking for easier access to your all business data.

You are looking for MICROSOFT DYNAMIC NAV.

NAV is a business management solution that is designed for small and medium sized business. Microsoft Dynamics is also easy to use and maintain. Many countries and jurisdictions already has been localized it. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will meet your business needs and can help you with:

Financial Management – NAV helps you instant access to real-time financial, sales, and marketing information. This will allow you to make informed operational and strategic decisions win in these new markets and identify new opportunities for your business.

Manufacturing – Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you with an integrated suite of manufacturing applications to manage and execute manufacturing process. It will manage yours production orders, bills, supply and capacity requirements planning.

Distribution – Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to increase your ability to handle order processing and demand planning. Its will help you to manage single or multi-site warehouses more efficiently. NAV will Improve your inventory management and reduce distribution costs more effectively

Customer Relationship Management – You can improve you customer relationship management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV by managing customer records and sales histories, create and launch marketing campaigns and tracking customer activity.

With the NAV customization you can easily add functions, custom applications, and online business capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to achieve your business needs with incredible value.