July 24, 2024


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Mouse Pads – Fun Facts and Trivia

Mouse pads are essential to almost every computer user in the world. It comes in various colors, shapes and dimensions. This indispensable computer-aide tool is taken for granted by many.

Here is a list of fun facts and trivia about mouse pads that you may not know. Send this to a friend and see what they say.

1. The first pad was invented by Jack Kelley in 1969.
2. Mouse pads are formally known as CURSOR CONTROL MECHANISM PADS.
3. Until around the 80’s, pads surfaces were made from vinyl.
4. After the steel roller ball mouse was rubberized with silicon, this fabric became popular as the newly – accepted pad surface.
5. Glass or polished wood surfaces are not ideal as pads surfaces because it interferes with the smoothness of the mouse.
6. High -end pads are made of mainly high-tech fibers.
7. A pad is also popularly known as a mouse mat.
8. On the 25th August 1983, the Oxford English Dictionary included the term ‘mouse pad’ in its Infoworld section.
9. The pad was solely invented to provide computer users with more precision, speed and comfort.
10. One day, pads will become obsolete with the invention of modern optical mice becoming increasingly popular.
11. If you cut pieces of tape and attach it to the bottom of your mouse, this will make it glide effortlessly on any pad.
12. The average size of a mouse pad used in offices and homes is 9.25″ x 7.75″.
13. China is the largest supplier of mouse pads.
14. In England, pads are called mouse mats.
15. When Douglas Engelbart of Stanfor Research introduced the first mouse 1968, pads were not invented yet.
16. Old pads are now widely re-used as stoppers for cabinet doors, place mats, shelf protectors, fish tank supporters, wrist support for computer keyboards, drink coasters and feet appliance to name a few.
17. Lap top pads are also called touch pads.
18. In the Oxford English Dictionary, a mouse pad is described as ‘a piece of rigid or slightly resilient material on which a computer mouse is moved’.
19. In August 2000, mysmart.com push button programmable mouse pad was launched, which enabled users to navigate web pages as easily as changing channels with a remote control.
20. Earth-friendly mouse pads are made from 95% recycled tires, optical-friendly for superior tracking, durable and easy to clean.
21. Firefox made its own pads in 2007, available for USD 5 to promote Firefox in the office and in the road.
22. There are some factions who insist that the mouse pad was first invented by Soviet scientist Gregor Vladivostok and was later stolen by American nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer.
23. According to Rob Bruening, the sole owner of Kustoom Kartoons, many optical mice users actually “missed” using a pads after a few months.
24. A heated pad is used to reduce repetitive motion stress and provide potential therapeutic treatment for the user’s hand and wrist while operating a mouse. The pad a resistance-type heating element which is embedded in the pad.