June 19, 2024


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Macro Software – Windows Automation Software With Task Scheduler and Trigger

It’s hard to explain why people are so fascinated by finding way to simplify their jobs. These are some repetitive work processes, like inputting same data, checking customers contact information, submitting thousands of sites, and more. You may say because they are too lazy and want to find out the simplest way to save their work time. You are right. It is just one case. Most people just want to find out the way to simplify their jobs and release their hands to do other more important jobs. This is why you need macro software, which is automation software with task scheduler and trigger. You may use macro software to complete all kind of tasks automatically by attaching task scheduler and trigger.

First, you need know what macro is. Macro is a set of keystrokes, mouse actions and instructions that are recorded, saved, edited. The recorded keystrokes, mouse action and instructions can be played back (executed) in further. Macros can simplify day-to-day operations, which otherwise become tedious.

So how does macro software simplify your jobs? Here, let’s list macro software named Macro Expert, and see how it works. The macro software is a collection of several separate applications, all work together to act like one cohesive unit. These applications are macro manager, macro service, macro script editor and macro player.

In the macro software, macro service is responsible for administering the macro list, watching for conditions that would cause a triggered or scheduled macro to play. It also monitors the hotkey of macro. Macro manager is a tool for administering the macro list, such as creating a new macro, importing an existing macro, removing a macro from the list, setting the global options, changing the property of a macro and etc. Macro script editor is a tool for editing macro actions. Although a macro can be created by recording, but the recording only captures the mouse and the keyboard activities. You should use macro script editor to get useful action, such as waiting for a window focused, displaying a message box of notice, copying or moving files. Macro player is player for playing the macro. It will be invoked by the macro service or macro manager.

Then, you can use these applications to record your keyboard keystroke, mouse movements and mouse clicks, or edit macro script for certain tasks, and then to replay them later. For example, if you want to surf a site, you just record every step of operation, and save the actions, and then replay the macro when you want. Or in other complicated operation process, you may use macro script editor to edit steps in detail. With this way, you can, of course, simplify your jobs.

Absolutely, you may automate your tasks with task scheduler and trigger. You can schedule a macro to run at a specific time that is most convenient for you. Also you can schedule a macro to launch periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). Scheduling a macro is a good idea to perform a task automatically without your supervision.

By this macro software service, every managed macro can be triggered. So you can launch every triggered macro when some events occur, such as disk free space is low, a removable driver is removed and etc. The macro software trigger does not have to be based on a moment in time. It may be based on one or more system events. Whenever, a system event occurred and a macro has been triggered with it, the macro will be launched automatically.