June 19, 2024


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How to Study CRT Tube Aspect Quantities

All picture tubes, no matter if monochrome or color variety are discovered by a unique code consisting of quantities and letters. The codes are distinct from each individual other mainly because distinct tubes have unique features.

For example, a sure watch colour photograph tube may well have the designation, M34AFA63X03 that can breakdown into 6 components: M/34/AFA/63/X/03

Element 1: Application

Computer system watch tubes start with the letter “M” when for a Television set picture tube, it start out with “A”.

Portion 2: Screen diagonal evaluate in centimeters (cm)

The “34” suggests the diagonal viewing measure is a bare minimum of 34cm which refers to 14″ tube, 36cm is 15″, 41cm is 17″ and so on.

Part 3: Loved ones code

The 3 letters “AFA” designate a loved ones of tubes that have related bodily and electrical characteristic. These letters are assigned alphabetically commencing with “AAA”, followed by “AAB”, “AAC” and many others.

Component 4: Relatives amount

The quantity 63 reveals a unique tube inside the loved ones code. A various amount is assigned to tubes inside the same family members that have various neck diameters, for example a one digit would be a monochrome tube, but this two-digit range shows it is color.

Section 5: Phosphor Style

The fifth image offers the phosphor designation. The letter X in this article corresponds to P22 for colour image tubes. Colour monitor tubes can have any other single letter (excluding I, O, or W) to designate other phosphor type for different apps. For monochrome photos, the phosphor image is WW, corresponding to P4. Monochrome check tubes also can use WW or some other two-letter mixture (excluding I and O).

Component 6: Integral neck factors

The sixth symbol is assigned only for tubes having integral neck components, such as the deflection yoke. The specs are only apply to a distinct tube manufacturer. The main thought below is winding inductance. The yoke coils have unique sensitivity i.e. deflection for each Amp in equally horizontal and vertical.