July 24, 2024


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A Valuable Book to List on eBay – Sugar Mouse Cake

I love to sell valuable books online. eBay is a great place to sell valuable children’s books. A wonderful part about my job is the market I get to cater to. They are a fun group of people who are usually whimsical about their buys and can’t wait to share the book with a loved one sometimes of a much younger age.

Some of my favorite books to sell are vintage picture books. Most people think about the Little Golden Books when I mention children’s books but there are only a handful of LGB books that are worth money. The more sought after market hits right in the time frame of 1950s-80s. You may be surprised of how many valuable books you have passed up at yard sales or thrift stores because they are just you average looking children’s picture books.

If you are a child of a baby boomer you may remember Gene Zion’s works. His most popular series was Harry the Dog. He has a few vintage collectible books that will serve you well should you find one.

A book to look for that sells regularly at about $50-$150 is Sugar Mouse Cake. If you have a vintage copy of Sugar Mouse Cake it may be time to part with it and begin to sell books online. Gene Zion wrote this fabulous book and Margaret Bloy Graham illustrated. This famous and valuable book was published in 1964. It’s sought after because they were once married and this was their only collaborated work.

Don’t worry about the library discards you are most likely to run into. The children’s valuable book market is quite forgiving with the library discard status of a collectible book. In fact, many of the folks reminisce even more since their memories were of a library book. Be on the lookout for another one of Zion’s sought after works titled Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met published in 1982.

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