May 24, 2024


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Website Traffic Generation – How to Generate Revenue From Site Traffic

Website traffic generation is always a hot topic when it comes to increasing your affiliate revenue. After all if you want to make good money online than you need to have a steady flow of visitors coming to your site on a regular basis. However the next situation that needs to be addressed is how to generate revenue from site traffic.

This article will outline three simple ways that you can generate more traffic to your website and the single most important factor that will convert those visitors into cash paying customers.

One of the first and most effective methods of website traffic generation is article marketing. Article marketing gives you the opportunity to create relevant content that provides a level of value for the market your targeting. With this content you can include a link back to your website so your reader can continue the conversation on your website.

Another website traffic generation method that has literally mushroomed on the internet is blogging. Just about anyone who knows how to follow simple directions and type (even if it’s only with two fingers) can set up a blog within the next five minutes and start posting content related to their markets interests to attract visitors.

A third way you can generate traffic to your website is by joining forums related to your market. To effectively attract visitors from forums you can ask questions, share your thoughts on a particular subject, and offer helpful advice or information to other members.

Most forums allow you to place a link to your website in your signature. Every time you post a comment, question or information, your link will show up giving other members an opportunity to check out your site if they are interested.

However there is a very important factor that must be considered when putting in the work to attract visitors to your website and that has to do with using keyword rich, relevant content.

Finding the right keywords and developing the appropriate content around those keywords can be like money in the bank whenever you want it.