May 23, 2024


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Watts Up Monitor: Why You Need a Home Energy Meter

Do you know how much electricity is being used by each of your electrical appliances? If you are like most people, you have absolutely no idea. But if you want to fight rising electricity bills, the first thing you have to find out is how your electricity is being used. The Watts Up Monitor is a home energy meter that will help you determine how much electricity is being used in different parts of your house.

Ideal for Home Use

The Watts Up Monitor is a useful device if you want to find out how much electricity different electrical items in your home use. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a thing about watts, volts, amperes or kilowatt hours. This home energy meter measures energy consumption and presents important information in a way that is easy to understand.

It’s easy to use the device. All you have to do is plug the Watts Up monitor into a three-prong grounded electric outlet. Plug the electrical device or appliance to be evaluated into the monitor. The monitor will display how much wattage is used by the electrical device.

If you leave the monitor plugged in for a period of time, it will show you the total amount of electricity consumed. You can compute the cumulative cost of electricity consumed based on the local electric rate.

The Watts Up PRO model provides a lot of information including current watts, minimum and maximum watts, cumulative watt hours, power factor, average monthly kilowatt-hours, average monthly cost, elapsed time, cumulative cost, line volts, minimum and maximum volts, current amps, and minimum and maximum amps. Records can be stored and they can be downloaded to a computer with the supplied USB cable and PC software. The software provides a payback analysis to show you how long it will take for a new, energy-efficient appliance to pay for itself.

Why You Need the Watts Up Monitor

This device will let you know if your electrical appliance is running efficiently. For example, your old refrigerator may seem to work fine but it could be leaking cold air and using up too much electricity. A home energy meter will show you how much it costs to run your refrigerator for a month. You may be able to lower your electric bill and save money if you purchase a new refrigerator.

Some electrical devices continue to use energy when they are off or on standby. Your television, computer, rechargeable phone, microwave oven, etc. may be using electricity even when they are off. This is called “phantom load.” The amount may be small but it will start to add up. This is an unnecessary cost that you can avoid. Unplug any device with a phantom load when not in use, or connect it to a power strip with an On/Off switch.

With rising electricity costs, it’s a wise move to find out where and how you can save on energy. The Watts Up monitor is the best device to help you with this task.