May 24, 2024


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The Web Series: Introduction to Somethin’ Or Other Tour

Do you love exploring and experiencing random things, such as old museums, historical landmarks, sports games and abandoned places? If so, we would like to introduce you to an amazing YouTube web serious called Somethin’ Or Other Tour. Let’s check out what the series has to offer.

The web series is created by two brothers Dylan Sesco and Cole. They both enjoy an enormous sense of adventure. Therefore, they have decided to visit the entire world, including famous, weird, and quirky places. Since they wanted to share their experience with the world, they started this web series.

In each episode, you get to watch something entirely different, such as a weird museum, a stadium or an abandoned factory, just to name a few. Therefore, each episode will have something to surprise you.

What is so special about these abandoned places?

So, the question is, what is so fascinating about museums and abandoned places, for instance? While you may not give these old, abandoned places a look, many people get attracted to these quirky places like a magnet.

It all boils down to your personal choice. Let’s check out some major reasons why people like to visit these places.

Each place is different: People just love to see abandoned places that people no longer live in. From a century old newspapers to trees and plants growing on the roofs, you can’t predict what these places will have for you to see.

Curiosity: Some visitors head to these places out of pure curiosity. They want to find out about the dwellers of these places and the reasons they left them for good.

Eerily beautiful: Some people find it interesting to see huge, abandoned buildings get destroyed slowly with time. So, these places are eerily beautiful.

Causes of abandonment of these places

Given below are some common reasons why some places are abandoned for good. They are in no particular order.

  • Manmade disasters
  • Massacres, sacking, or war
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Contamination or disease
  • Famine or drought
  • Natural disasters
  • Economic collapse

Steps to follow before you visit abandoned places:

Although visiting these places is no different from visiting other places, you may need to take some precautions in some cases.

1. Get permission

2. Research to find out about any dangers

3. Find out if the places are open to the public

4. Never steal anything

5. Take someone with you

6. Don’t be there for days

How do you find abandoned houses or museums?

Just like anything else, Google can help you look for abandoned places or museums. Given below are some methods that you can try:

Ask around: You can ask local residents if there are any such places near them.

Ask Google: On the Internet, you can make a list of such places from the comfort of your room. One way is to watch TV series or web series, such as Somethin’ Or Other Tour. They will show you a lot of spooky, abandoned places or museums.

In short, if you want to see different abandoned places, such as old buildings, hospitals, or museums, you can check out the web serious we have introduced in this article.