June 25, 2024


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The Trusted And True Love Calculator

Is there a unit that can be used to measure the intensity of love? Sometimes the term “love” is ambiguous and subject to debate. There are many categories of love which are interpreted differently to give diverse interpretations. In this case however it is the love that draws two different people together for mutual companionship. The one and only true love that makes two persons to dedicate their lives to each other. A love that is consummated in marriage after the holy knots of matrimony have been tied. It has the intensity and sweetness of summer love. So compelling and irresistible that the two lovers can only find happiness in togetherness. But what is the most ideal parameter that can be distinctively used as a true love calculator? An aspect that can be used as a yardstick to measure any budding relationship. Something that can be used as a point of reference.

There is no known formula for calculating love and a true love calculator does not use a single aspect to arrive at a conclusion. It bases its findings on many aspects and factors in order to draw a comprehensive conclusion. One of the most basic elements that a love calculator uses to give a relationship a clean bill of health is true love. A relationship that has a lot of emotional investments and a mutual commitment, care and goodwill from both partners is dubbed as a union that is deep and true. A short-lived fling or a one night-stand hardly receives any mention when a love sum is being calculated. However a loving relationship with the trappings of strong feelings scores highly. It would itself be used as a yard stick or a point of reference for a couple that aspires to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Time remains as the best and most reliable true love calculator of all times. A relationship that stands the test of time is a relationship that has gone through the baptism of fire. If there is no true love in a relationship, time will always tell. Time will always expose any ill-intent or lack of commitment from a partner though this hardly happens in summer love. It winnows the wheat from the chaff. Time exposes a relationship to a lot of weathering. Relationship undergoes a lot of hurdles and tests that sometimes threaten to tear it apart. A relationship is always at a risk of breaking into pieces if the two consenting parties are not flexible enough. It calls for commitment, patience, resilience, understanding and compromises for the survival of the relationship.

A relationship that has withstood the test of time can hardly break due to its capacity to handle shock. It is a journey through hard and lean times. Emotional sojourns through the dark valleys of despair. Times when a relationship stands at the threshold, at the edge of the precipice. But due to the pureness of heart that comes with true love, the relationship does not capsize. Instead it becomes even more stronger and firmer to resemble summer love. A true love calculator.