May 29, 2024


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The Omron BP785 10 Series Review – Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a nice upgrade from its predecessor (Omron HEM-780). It’s provides many useful features; some of which you may not even need. We’ll go over those in this review to see if you need all the extra stuff. The most impressive features are its Calibration Check and ability to check if the cuff is properly strapped to your arm.

The cuff itself is important to consider ensuring you get accurate readings. The one supplied with the BP785 is preformed and will easily fit regular and large sized arms, which is patented by Omron as their ComFit Cuff technology.

Another nifty feature is its ability to store data for two users. You can switch back and forth between users with just a flick of a switch that’s placed on the face of the blood pressure monitor. The Omron BP785 10 Series will record and store a maximum of 200 readings.

Omron’s TruRead technology, also featured in the Omron BP785, will take three consecutive readings and then average them out to give you your blood pressure. Each reading is about 1 minute apart. The technology in TruRead follow guidelines that have been set by well known international organizations committed to bp readings.

Features of Omron BP785 10 Series:

  • One button operation
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • Hypertension detection
  • 200 memory storage
  • Preformed Comfit Cuff
  • Omrons TruRead technology
  • AM/PM Averaging
  • Check’s the calibration on the monitor
  • AC Adapter included
  • Requires 4 AA batteries when traveling with it.
  • Limited warranty – 5 years

User Reviews

The reviews for the Omron BP785 show pretty well. It’s averaged 4 out of 5 stars on Users are rather satisfied about how easy the interface is to use. This is pretty important for those who may feel intimated by using a bp monitor in general. One user was a physician who started using the monitor in his office and has found it to be the most consistent monitor he has used.

Users have been showing that reading the manual will be necessary to learn some of the extra features. Some have complained that they were easily confused while others were baffled as to why others were complaining because they found all the answers they needed. It is a full featured monitor and educating yourself about the unit is absolutely smart.

Some users have also described the Cuff as not easy to use, as it may be a challenge to get the monitor to agree that you have strapped it on properly. However, this argument is really devalued by the overwhelming amount of other reviews where they had no problem at all.

Many users primarily enjoy that the monitor calibrates itself upon start up so it will remain accurate. Many do not realize that you can record all of your results and bring these to your doctor to evaluate your blood pressure. Doctor’s find this monitor very consistent with the readings they perform in their office. This is a primary feature of this blood pressure monitor.

In the end, Omron produces quality products. This is a full featured blood pressure monitor and we feel very comfortable recommending the Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor as a safe buy.