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The Heritage of Typical Renaissance Superstitions

The Heritage of Typical Renaissance Superstitions

Renaissance superstitions introduced men and women with a perplexing combine of enlightened insight into science, additionally beliefs in the supernatural and pagan influences over and above one’s manage. The Renaissance period is loosely connected with Europe from the fourteenth to seventeenth generations. As an try to wrestle control from a seemingly uncontrollable entire world, people’s Renaissance superstitions attempted to bring excellent luck, wellness and prosperity and ward off bad luck, evil spirits and disasters.

Lucky And Unfortunate

Quite a few objects related with luck have their origins in Renaissance superstitions. If another person fell from a horse, acquired undesirable news or received an harm, they observed the day and time and thereafter viewed as that working day and time unlucky and prevented critical routines. Placing on an merchandise of clothes inside out intended the relaxation of the working day would be unfortunate. Horseshoes, clover, silver and iron were being lucky charms, though spilled salt, black animals and selected days of the 12 months have been absolutely unfortunate.

Ghosts And Witches

Renaissance persons feared a whole host of supernatural beings, blaming them for everything from unwell animals and undesirable crops to major storms and fires. Ghosts have been spirits that couldn’t rest and visited the dwelling trying to get revenge or to complete one thing up. Witches sought to bring people today to the devil and were believed to blend potions, transform into animals and result in mischief. Fairies, demons and goblins also brought about people residing in the Renaissance period to take part in rituals to ward off anything from fairy visits to ghostly encounters.


The position of the planets and other heavenly bodies played an vital portion in Renaissance beliefs. Vital things to do, these kinds of as coronations, battles and business enterprise offers, ended up in no way planned devoid of renowned astrologers to established up the time and date according to their stargazing. Horoscopes had been also significant to folks as they went about their each day daily life, when they married, who they went into small business with and even what to assume in their future. Eclipses have been viewed as lousy omens, though specific constellations appearing heralded a year of fortune.

Wellness Superstitions

Because hygiene and sanitation ended up lousy overall, illness was prevalent, and many illnesses that are regarded as slight now generally resulted in loss of life. Conditions and infections were being blamed on witches and poor humors. For that reason, lots of superstitions arose on how to keep one’s wellness. Totems, charms, amulets and even particular prayers or chants had been utilised to keep negative wellbeing at bay or try to overcome people currently sick. A lot of Renaissance-period men and women thought that poor well being was also a final result of sinning and would switch to the Catholic Church for blessings and prayers to be healed.