June 19, 2024


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The Depth of the Hebrew Word Shoov

You should know that turning your back on sin is only one small single part of repentance. Repentance is not an intellectual concept of turning your back on sin or even the physical act of turning your back on sin because when you sin, you’re a Vav, you’re connected to someone. You didn’t just sin against heaven, you just sinned against your wife, you sinned against your friend, you sinned against your fellowmen which means that you cannot turn your back and just not do that sin anymore but you have to make it right. You stole something from that person you must give it back. You cannot just intellectually say to the ones that you have offended that you’ll never do it again.

You have to give back what you have stolen. You owe something to that person. The difference between Hebrew and Greek thought is the Greek concept is philosophically and mentally telling themselves that the they will never going to offend someone again. But 24 hours later and they’re doing it again. Now we are also like that. It’s because we’ve all been taught from the Greek mindset that repentance is saying “I’ll never going to do it again ” and purposing in our hearts that we’ll never going to do it again and even writing it down. If we would just do it like that Yahweh, if we look at the Hebrew concept, Hebrew understands that there’s a credit system that you took something out of someone’s bank, you stole it and you just can’t say that you won’t steal anymore.

The Torah says that when you steal, you are to return it seven folds. That makes it better. In Greek, Saying that you will never gonna steal again and if you’re really spiritual you give back what you stole but remember that giving back what you stole doesn’t make that person happy because you broke it. You didn’t just steal it, you broke it. A good example would be when you take an organ out of a body. In that case you are ripping things from it. Even if you have an artful, skillful surgeon, there will be stitches involved, it’s difficult, there is time involved. You are invested and fully invested. You take something from somebody you have to give it back seven times. There’s work involve, it’s difficult. It will definitely cost you something.