July 24, 2024


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The Best Places to Buy a Mac

You may be surprised but the best place to buy a Mac isn’t always the Apple Store. The Apple Store is probably the most convenient place to purchase a Mac. Apple Stores have been popping up all around us after the Ipod came along. So if you are more interested in convenience and need to try one out. Then by all means head to your local Apple Store. However if you are trying to find the best deal on a new Mac then their are much better places to look. If you happen to be a college student or a teacher you can get an educational discount through the Apple Store or at the Apple Store online. I bought my first Mac 4 years ago through the Apple Store with my educational discount and it still works great today. I am considering getting a new Mac and have found all kinds of better online stores to get it. For a slightly older Mac at a great discount you should consider a refurb form the Apple Store. I got my grandfather’s Emac their and it was a great deal. We saved about $100 and it looked and performed like it was brand new. The refurb section is updated pretty often so if you are looking for something specific I would check everyday.

Another two places for great deals are Craigslist and Ebay. I have found that these two places have the best prices on computers over a year old. You need to be careful if the price looks to good to be true. I would check to see if they still have Apple Care and check the serial number with Apple to make sure it wasn’t stolen. Apple Computers are know to last for a lot longer than the typical PC. so don’t worry about buying an older machine if it is all you need.

The best deal for a new Mac can be found at Amazon. Amazon often times has mail in rebates on new Macs. Amazon also offers free shipping and best of all no tax. The next best group of places have pretty similar prices but offer lots of extras at a great price. Mac Mall and Mac Connection allow you to add extras to your purchase that end up being free after mail in rebates. You can usually add what else you want from a few lists. They usually offer speakers, a printer or software with your order. If you are looking for a Mac with maxed out ram or a larger hard drive. You should check out Small Dog Electronics. Small Dog offers upgraded Macs for less than Apple would charge for the same thing. If you buy a new Mac, even from one of these other dealers you can still add Applecare anytime within a year of purchasing it. I highly recommend it.

You can call for help and you will actually get a human being within a reasonable amount of time. After having my Powerbook 2 and a half years my superdrive started acting up. I had used it a lot for burning DVD’s and CD’s and I guess it had enough. Well they quickly replaced the superdrive and had it back to me within a few days.