May 24, 2024


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The Astrological Ages

Astrologers agreed that the Earth has already found the six ages of human existence from the Cavemen up to the present. At present, we exist in transition between the Pisces and the Aquarius ages. The calculations, defining the conclusion of one age and the beginning of yet another a person, might vary. According to some the Piscean age ended extensive ago, even though other folks assert that we however stay in it.

In astrological mythology, Astrological age is a interval of time of about 2160 several years, similar with the enhancement of the inhabitants of the world Earth, relative to their lifestyle, civilization, and governments. Each age is connected with 1 of the twelve zodiac signals. So, every single age will be repeated immediately after the completion of the entire cycle, or in 25,920 years. The astrological age cycle proceeds in a retrograde path. If ahead motion is from Ares -> Taurus -> Gemini -> Cancer -> Leo, and so forth. then retrograde course is inverted Leo -> Most cancers ->Gemini-> Taurus -> Ares, etcetera.

As of currently, we are close to the conclusion of the 6th movement of the ages and are approaching (or are at the starting of) the New Age. The prior 6 movements of Astrological Ages are the pursuing:

• The Age of Leo (Around start in 10,800 BC up to 8640 BC)

This age was the age of the Lion and the age of the Sun because the Sunshine is the ruler of Leo. It is known to be “The Golden Age” from the Ages of Person. It is the period of peace, harmony, stability on the earth. The dimension of the populace was little and every little thing on Earth was in abundance and no starvation or crime existed in this era. Men and women received foodstuff by looking, gathering and agriculture. All through this era, people today formulated primitive applications like stone knives, hammers, and javelins. Though the technological know-how was rudimentary, it is remarkable what people could reach with it. Their operates are now being discovered and show to the earth, these types of as wall paintings in caves. The Earth was younger, and no growth of air pollution was the products and solutions of this age.

• The Age of Cancer (Close to commence in 8,640 BC up to 6,480 BC)

This is known to be “The Age of the Excellent Mom.” Moon-ruled Cancer. It is the signal of motherhood, which is normally affiliated with bearing, offering delivery, caring and shielding. In the course of this interval, men and women uncovered the how to cultivate land and cultivate animals. They started to make a long lasting dwelling and increase animals together with with cultivation of lands for their livings.

• The Age of Gemini (Approximately begin in 6,480 BC up to 4,320 BC)

This is under “The Age of Conversation, Trade and the Twins” the place the progress of producing, counting and trades. As persons obtained knowledge improves in this age, producing begun to be employed as a approach of recording their actions. Merchandising and touring also belong to this sign.

• The Age of Taurus (Roughly commence in 4,320 BC up to 2,160 BC)

The Image of “Bull” and acknowledged for staying “The Age of Earth, Agriculture, and the Bull”. The starting of the creation of Pyramids in Egypt and the era of bull worshiping in Assyria, Egypt, and Crete. Egypt’s are properly-acknowledged for their wonderful architectural capacity producing amazing pyramids in absolutely pure supplies with out working with the highly developed technological know-how in building known nowadays.

• The Age of Aries (Approximately commence in 2,160 BC up to BC)

Aries, the indication of hearth and the image of ram give this era as “The Age of War, Fireplace and the Ram”, which is ruled by Mars. Iron Age was born in Aries in which wars and colonialism on the rise, these types of as an growth of empires in China, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The highly developed armories are also specific to this era. Throughout this period when Moses will save the Israelites from the Egyptians, the creating of the Outdated Testaments and the journey to the assure land come about.

• The Age of Pisces (Approximately start off in BC up to 2160)

This age is recognized to be the Judeo-Christian age. The interval of existence of Christ and the Wisdom he brought to the humanity. This period of time is fading and probably gone!! Right now we are transitioning to a new age, which is why our soul wants steering and hungry for HOPE for the reason that of war traumas, discomfort and hatred of the final two generations.

In reaching the end of this era we are in need to be well prepared for the future journey and the new movement in the record of mankind, the Age of Aquarius. Age of the aspect AIR, meaning the thoughts that will convey higher technological advancements of self-healing, compassion, intuition and religious cleaning.