May 29, 2024


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Storage Building Plans – 8 Things to Consider Before Building a Backyard Storage Shed

Once you have storage building plans, you should be ready to start building right? Wrong! If you are wanting to build your own small shed or beautiful garden shed or suchlike, you should start off the project on a good foot by getting some solid plans that don’t miss out very important details?

But before you even get these storage shed plans, take these tips down so that you have a clearer idea of what you should be doing at each stage of the project.

1. Building Site Location

Decide where you want to build the storage shed and make sure there is enough room. Once you know how much space you have, you can be clearer on the dimensions of the plan.

2. Electricity and/or water points.

If you are going to have electricity and water coming to the shed, make sure the shed is located as close as possible to either of these points. This will help cut down your costs in the long run.

3. Materials and Tools

You will need to buy the materials according to your list that should came with the plans. It helps if the plans come with the exact cut sizes so that you can either get them cut at a D.I.Y store or cut them yourself. Make sure that you have the tools to do this. Not only that but work space too – You don’t want your materials getting rained on if the weather turns on you.

4. Foundations

Now that you have everything in place, decide on the type of floor your want. This could be a wood plank floor or a concrete slab type or even something like a pole barn floor which is usually dirt. The foundations must be properly angled and measured out. Make sure the plans come with this advice or find some online. Essentially the ground should be leveled and also make sure the land isn’t angled so that water will run into the shed.

5. Side Walls

It might be easier to build the walls on the ground. Do you see what I mean? Instead of building up with height, join them on the ground and then pull up the structure once they’re done.

6. Roof

Build trusses first. It’s a good idea to start with one and then duplicate it by copying it. You should be able to get this info from your guide.

7. Final Trimmings

Remember that this storage building is something that is going to be looked at (from your backyard window) so you want it to look nice right? Make sure you take time and put in the money to touch it up. The type of trimmings will of course depend on what you are going to use the shed for.

8. Protective Coating

Finish the body of the building by painting or varnishing it. You should budget this in before you build.

Now that you know a bit more about whats in store for you, what does one do if any old blueprints or designs are not recommended?

What are the options and where can you get a good set of reliable plans?