May 23, 2024


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Simple Tips To Fix The Error 1935 While Installing Microsoft Office 2010

Getting errors during installation of any program is such an annoying condition for the users. It not only obstructs their effort, but delays their intended work with that particular program or application. Amongst all, the ‘Error 1921’ is a common error that occurs when an individual tries to install MS Office 2010 on their PC.

Error 1921 is thrown on the screen when the MDM (Machine Debug Manager) is not set to start automatically. MDM, a debugging service offered by the Microsoft, prevents and debugs the errors of particular program. The Microsoft Office cannot run without this debugging system and hence, it needs to be started in order to keep the installation errorless.

Furthermore, the Error 1935 generally comes out while installing MS Office 2010 or 2007. This error is flashed out when the installation is not finished properly. It may sometime show the following error massage:

“Error 1935: An error occurred during the installation of assembly component 10CD20D2-733E-4174-9D02-2C6C26163DA5.”

If you don’t have.NET 2.0 or above Framework installed in your system or if your.NET Framework is damaged, you might most probably encounter this problem. To fix this error, you need to repair the installed.NET 2.0 Framework or install a new copy of.NET 2.0 Framework. Don’t forget to clean the registry as well.

A few simple steps are described below to eliminate the Error 1935 when you install MS Office 2007 or 2010.

1. Repairing the.NET 2.0 Framework

The program ‘.NET Framework’ is a kind of computer application, which is especially designed to flawlessly run different programs that are encoded in.NET language..NET 2.0 is a commonly used Framework program, but tends to damage frequently. You can repair your.NET Framework installation by following ways.

· Go to Start > Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs.

· A list of installed applications will be displayed. Select ‘Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0’ and then click on ‘Change/Remove’ option.

· Click on ‘Repair’

2. Installing New.NET 2.0 Framework

In some cases, repairing the.NET Framework 2.0 doesn’t solve the problem anymore. So, you have to install a new fresh copy of the.NET Framework 2.0.

You can download.NET 2.0 from official site of Microsoft or just Google it!

3. Cleaning Registry

Registry is nothing but the database stored in Windows system that includes various important options and settings of the computer. Cleaning the registry is one more useful way to fix‘Error 1935’. As you can’t fix the registry errors manually, you have to use registry cleaner applications to repair different registry settings. Unfortunately, the database can be damaged by some malfunctioned programs and viruses, eventually preventing the MS Office installation.

Registry cleaners are the tools that are especially developed to fix all the registry errors in your system. The registry errors can prevent you from installing the MS office and show Error 1935 continuously.

A lot of registry cleaning applications are available online. A few good applications can repair 99% of registry issues and errors of your computer.