July 24, 2024


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Removing a Blank Page in Word 2003 Or Word 2007

Sometimes you may end up with a blank page at the end of a Word document. This will show up on screen and also print with nothing on it. This article takes you through the various methods to delete this. An extra blank page will only show up in Word and print if there is something on it even if it is not visible. This is usually a new paragraph mark.

Probably the easiest method which works in the same way for Word 2003 and 2007 is to click at the end of the page after all of the text. Then simply press delete on the keyboard until the blank page disappears.

There is another method which allows you to see what is going on in the background. In Word 2007 go to the Home Tab and the paragraph section and then click the mark-up symbol in the top right which will show page mark-up. In Word 2003 click View and Show All. This will show all paragraph markers which have created an extra page. Then just use backspace to remove or select all and press delete on the keyboard or click cut.

There is one special case where the usual methods will not get rid of the extra page. If you have a table taking up the entire last page of a document Word will create an extra paragraph going on to an extra blank page which cannot be deleted. This is because the paragraph contains all the formatting details for the document. Although it cannot be deleted this extra paragraph can be made to effectively disappear.

First click to show the page mark-up. Select the paragraph symbol on the blank page. Then in Word 2007 or 2003 in the font section do not use the drop down for font size as it does not go small enough but back space and type in 1 so you end up with a tiny font size for just the formatting paragraph. The blank page should disappear.

If the page is not removed another method is to make it hidden. Again click to show mark-up. In Word 2007 in the Font Section of the Home Tab click the in the bottom left corner to open Font dialog and in Effects click the box against Hidden. In Word 2003 go to Format and then Font and again click Hidden in Effects. When you click to hide mark-up the extra page will disappear. The page will show as being there in Word in the bottom left corner but it will not appear on screen and will not print a blank page.