May 24, 2024


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Proper Storage And Shipping Of Pharmaceuticals With The Aid Of Temperature Mapping

Many pharmaceutical products are temperature-sensitive; that is why great care is practiced for their storage and shipping. This would mean setting the environment to a pre-defined temperature range to preserve the integrity of these products as the increase or decrease in the temperature would greatly compromise their quality.

Take for example the nature of such products as vaccines and probiotics to better understand why utmost care is required in handling pharmaceuticals. Vaccines and probiotics contain actual living organisms and proteins that is why they are among the most sensitive pharmaceutical products. Any fluctuations in the temperature of the environment these products are in could cause damage to these delicate products. Because of the sensitive nature of these pharmaceutical products that require a stable temperature, various technologies are employed in the cold chain shipping industry.

When it concerns the storage and shipment of pharmaceuticals, temperature mapping is of great importance in the process. This is to comply with the regulations ordered by different controlling organizations. The process involves monitoring the temperature as well as distinguishing the hot or cold areas in an allocated storage or shipping unit. The most vulnerable areas are situated near doors and air vents. Knowing the temperature dynamics inside a warehouse or freezer is essential so that proper measures can be implemented to ensure that all products are stored at the right temperature. Wireless equipment are convenient because they are easier to use and more cost-effective for real-time monitoring.

Advanced cold chain solutions are continuously being developed and introduced for the development of temperature controlled shippers to be able to cater to the growing biopharmaceutical market. In reality, cold chain facilitators deal with a lot of challenges in the pharmaceutical shipping process. Delays and disasters can often be encountered during the process of distribution, exporting, and importing; including the fact that there can be people involved in the process who don’t have the proper knowledge and understanding of the delicate nature of the shipment. As such, precautions are undertaken by using insulated containers, gel packs, autectic plates, and other forms of packaging to protect the products under those circumstances.

It is undeniable that in-transit troubles, intense natural weather conditions, changes in the temperature, careless handlers, and some other forms of shipping problems are frequent concerns in the pharmaceutical business. But because of technology, appropriate solutions are now available so that the cold chain industry will continue to flourish.