May 23, 2024


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Outdoor Storage Shed Plans – 5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Storage Shed Project

There are many advantages to building your own outdoor storage shed versus buying one. One advantage is quality; if you build it yourself you know it is well built with the exact materials you want. Another advantage is cost; you can save lots of money by building it yourself.

A good set of outdoor storage shed plans is a must when it comes to building it yourself. I am going to give you some tips to help you plan your outdoor storage shed project.

Tip 1 – Location

Where are you going to place the shed? Is there a hidden spot in your yard to where a shed will fit? The location is a big factor in determining the size of your shed. If you have plenty of space for a shed, you should be able to build one as big as you want. But, if you only have a small area for a shed, you will need to review your plans to make sure the shed will fit in your space.

Tip 2 – Type of Shed

It is important to know what type of shed you want before buying your plans. Are you thinking of a garden shed? Or do you want a larger barn shed? It is good to have this in mind when looking for plans.

Tip 3 – Size

Your location plays a big part in determining the size of your shed. You can get plans for sheds that are 60x136x14 and larger or plans as small as 6x8x7. It just depends on what you want.

Tip 4 – Foundation

What do you want your shed to sit on? Do you want to build a frame for a wood floor? Or, do you want to have a concrete slab poured (the concrete slab will add more money to the cost). There is also the option to just build it on the ground and have a dirt floor. I do not advise having a dirt floor, however many people do choose to build their shed on the ground.

Tip 5 – Windows

Many outdoor storage sheds have windows. Windows will compliment a shed a give it a nicer look. However, adding windows does make the cost of the shed go up.