July 24, 2024


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Only One Word

Dearest Darling Readers,

While goal setting has always been a favorite exercise for me, of late I am attempting something different. That has been working brilliantly for me. It is simple and awesome. That is a rare combo. Hence, it is immensely valuable.

I experimented this idea with a few friends and students. They responded enthusiastically. Later on, they shared, the results were brilliant.

Here is what I have been doing. Long sentences have a habit of being forgotten. Instead of making a resolution that runs into sentences, I am just picking up a single word as my focus word. I then ‘live’ that word wholeheartedly.

One word is easy to remember and stick to.

One word brings superb focus.

One word gives a lot of clarity.

One word packs a lot of power.

One word does change life.

One word is holistic.

One word is big.

For example,

My one word for last year was ‘abundance’. I wanted abundance of everything. Abundance in thinking. Abundance in ambitions. Abundance in reaching out. Abundance in contributing. Abundance in dreams. Abundance in health. Abundance in traveling. Abundance in money… Abundance in everything.

Whenever I had a desire, the first question I would ask myself is ‘Is there abundance?’ in my thinking. If yes, I will entertain the thought further. Otherwise, I would amend or drop the thought.

A student chose the word, ‘laughter’.

Another student chose the word, ‘fitness’.

Yet another one chose ‘spirituality’. His holidays were to spiritual places. His purchases were things that had a touch of spirituality. He listened and read books on spirituality as a one year focus. He says, he found, all religions speak the same things albeit in different languages with different examples. He says, living by this one word has ‘elevated’ his thinking and living.

Another student chose ‘happiness’ as his word. He shared he feels more happy than ever before. He is easily able to let go of negative thoughts and feelings hence he feels light all the time.

Another student BL chose the word ‘gratitude’. She says she has cleansed her entire mind and memory and filled it with gratitude. She says, she has never been so much in love with life, like right now.

Another student shared, her word was ‘appreciate’. In the process of appreciating the world, she says, she has been totally transformed. Her ability to enjoy people has sky rocketed. She has made fantastic friends and is spontaneously happy nowadays. Her self-esteem has increased like no one business.

Another student chose the word ‘relationships’. He decided to mend relationships, create and nurture people who are important to him, unconditionally. He feels, though it is a struggle sometimes, there is peace in his heart for he knows he is doing the apt thing.

What is the one word that you would chose? Do give it a shot for a few days. I am sure it will do a world of good to you. It did to me and to many others.

With loads of love, prayers and best wishes,

‘Narendra Goidani’