May 29, 2024


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Numerology Calculation – Superstition Or Science?

The tussle between myth and science is quite old. There are lots of things in our society that are considered as science by some people and some others see them nothing but superstition or illusion. Numerology is one of them. People have been living under this dilemma since long ago that whether they should take the numerology calculation as science or as a superstition. However, there are completely mix reactions among the people who have tried it. Some find it highly effective for their future and life and some say that it is nothing but fake myths of some mystic powers. Actually, the truth is numerology cannot be judged by one or two predictions; you need to give sufficient time to that practice in order to see the power of numerology. There are lots of websites that offer free numerology calculation; however, you should be careful about them before start believing on the service.

The Reasons of Unsuccessful Numerological Predictions:

There are lots of examples through which one can easily prove that all these numerology calculation or studies are nothing but false superstitions. On the other hand, there are people who get immense support by that science of numbers and they would like to raise their voice for this practice. They will argue that they get good result from numerological reading; hence the study of numerology is not bad at all.

Actually, the problem lies somewhere else; it is not the practice that is deceptive, but the method can be faulty. Hence, it is our prime duty to find out the best person for the numerology calculation in order to get the right prediction. Though there is no dearth of free numerology reading on internet, but you should be very careful while availing any of these services.

A numerologist must have enough experience to deal with the numbers. It is a complex calculation of numbers that depends upon some logical computation and mistakes are “NOT” allowed in this section. In the practice of numerology, the reader needs to be sincere, dedicated, experienced, skilled and honest as well. There is nothing to guess but to understand the language of numbers and interpret them in order to predict the future of people. The numerologist is not a mystic reader who can read our future by seeing our forehead or eyes; he/she has to learn the science of numerology first and then practice it a lot before being a professional numerologist.

In many cases people find free numerology useful since they don’t need to spend money to know their future, but in all cases these free services are not authentic or good. However, there are lots of websites of renowned numerologists who offer such service and you should choose the well known one only.

Numerology is the study of numbers that are related to our life and the main job of a numerologist is to predict the upcoming good and bad times of our lives with the numerology calculation in order to keep us prepare for that. Hence, it depends upon us that whether we should take it as science or as superstition.