May 24, 2024


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New Book Criticizes African Americans Who Use the ‘N’ Word

The book is called Bury That Sucka and it is a non-fictional account of a scandalous, bizarre love affair that the black community has with the N-word, exposing how they have been mesmerized by this infamous, diabolical word. Bury That Sucka, is to be officially released the end of September 2005.

The N-word is a Trojan horse that African Americans have accepted into their community not realizing or understanding the peril in their actions and it is revealed as to why the users of this word really needs to bury that sucka…not only for the good of their community but the entire country.

There isn’t another race of people on planet earth who has taken–or ever taken–a racial epithet and embraced it with such loving care as the black community has with the N-word, but is nonetheless insulted when this word is used by a non-black.

Then, there isn’t any other racial slur with almost 400 years of built up negative energy such as the likes of the N-word. Yes! Bury That Sucka infers that the N-word has power and is impacting and controlling the destiny of a community of unsuspecting people and all of America as well.

The book can presently be obtained through the publisher, PublishAmerica by visiting the following website:

For a complimentary media copy please contact PublishAmerica at (301) 695-1707, the ISBN is 1-4137-9269-3. Or you can e-mail me at: [email protected] expressing your desire for a complimentary media copy.

Availability of the book online through such sources as Barnes&Noble and will be early October 2005. Until then the book is now available through the publisher PublishAmerica. To learn more about the author and book please visit: