May 23, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Must-Have Gizmos – Good Living, Here We Come!

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds to automate everything we do through must-have gizmos. You will need them too, if you have to keep pace with the world around you. From smart phones to slim laptops, these gadgets rank high on performance and style! You can’t imagine being a smart entrepreneur without at least one of these by your side.

Laptop: High on everyone’s list of must-have gizmos, laptops are becoming more sophisticated and cost effective. A smart model should have Bluetooth technology and connectivity to resources in your physical office. Intel® offers a range of mobile processors having several benefits including wireless internet access.

LCD Video: With this absolutely must-have gizmo, you could have all your data at the tips of your fingers and communicate with clients miles apart. The LCD screen with inbuilt speakers is very useful for conducting video conferences and storing business data such as charts and figures.

Smartphone: Also called sphone, the smart phone looks just like a cell phone; only, it can do much more. It combines the functionality of a mobile phone with that of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). You can also install more applications on it. A GPS equipped smart phone can help you locate your way around unfamiliar roads.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): Want a to die for personal organizer? A Bluetooth enabled PDA just might be the stuff your electronic fantasies are made of! Apart from functioning as a personal organizer and mobile phone, a PDA enables you to send and receive emails.

Docking Station: A docking station can convert your laptop into a full fledged desktop in no time. And no, that’s not as bizarre as it sounds. Complete with a CD ROM drive and inbuilt speakers, this is must-have gizmo for those who’d like to travel really light, and load extra capabilities occasionally.

U3 Flashdrive: Perhaps you will know them better as pen drives. These new age data drives are faster, hold more and are much lighter than their predecessors. Ranging from a few megabytes to several gigabytes in capacity, these must-have gizmos comes in all shapes and sizes. To access the data you store on the drive, you will either need to connect it directly to the USB port in your PC or use a USB hub.

VoIP Phone: A Voice over IP (VoIP) phone has features like voice mail, caller ID, calls forwarding and allows phone calls over the internet. A normal phone is connected to a broadband connection through an analog telephone adapter. They are normally of two types: the telephone adapter based VoIP can make calls to a regular phone while the software adapter based one, also called “the soft phone”, can make calls to anywhere in the world through your computer. A Bluetooth earpiece can come in handy if you need to take calls when you are traveling.

Wireless USB: USB stands for the Universal Service Bus, a hardware interface used to attach peripheral devices. It can be used to plug in devices to the computer without having to turn it off. This must-have gizmo is indispensable if you intend on using Flashdrive and other smart gadgets.

Portable USB Printer: ‘Portable’ says it all! Get one to take care of all your printing needs no matter where you are. Most can print 4″ by 6″ copies and can come in very handy if you need to nail business deals in record time.

Apple iPods: A must-have gizmo that needs no introduction. An iPod can store your business data as well your favorite songs. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

Multipurpose Printer: As a compact device that can perform scanning, copying and printing, a multipurpose printer can save the space and money you would have otherwise spent on making separate arrangements for each device.

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