July 24, 2024


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Minimum System Requirements To Successfully Install SAP ERP

Nowadays all the organizations and businesses are looking at implementation of SAP ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning helps to streamline the business operations and SAP is picking up due to its features and flexibility. The minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP should be known before you decide to install it. Some minimum hardware and software requirements are essential and must be looked into so as to install SAP ERP. Since SAP is client server architecture software, the application would be running on the server and the clients would be connected to this server. A user interface has to be installed at the user’s end which may be a desktop, laptop or some other device. The number of clients running on the server will decide the capacity of the server.

The minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP have to be configured so the system works properly. The required specifications of the hardware and software to install SAP R/3 system is:

Hardware Requirements:

CPU – Intel Pentium III 500 Mhz
HDD – 30 GB
RAM – 256 MB is minimum but recommended is 512 MB
CDROM is required for the installation of CD
NIC – Intel compatible Ethernet card

Software Requirements:

Windows NT Server 4.0
Windows NT Server Pack 6.0
Internet Explorer 5.0
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

SAP R/3 System

-Report Data CD
-Export CDs

SAP R/3 Kernel CD

-Dynamic Link Libraries or DLL
-Active Directory Service Interface or ADSI
-Microsoft Management Console or MMC

Above are the minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP on the computer. After starting the computer, the booting has to be done from CDROM and then computer needs to be restarted. Insert the NT installation CD and read the license agreement. Continue with the installation procedure and confirm the installation folder. Once the system confirms the availability of the space required for the NT system, you need to reboot the system. The boot system needs to be changed back to C drive and now the NT GUI installation will show. Choose and enter the names and the final NT system installation will start. After installing the ADSI and MMC the set of NT installation is completed. The other components are installed and then SAP R/3 installation has to be done. Testing is done by installing SAP GUI to successfully run SAP R/3 server.

Installation may take few hours and it may depend on the type of application. The applications differ and are designed differently for small scale companies and large scale companies. One must ensure that you have the minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP else you cannot run this successfully. One must follow the guideline carefully and be able to trouble shoot the errors that occur during the installation process. One should seek the expertise of a professional for the installation so as to take care of the minimum system requirements to install SAP ERP and run it smoothly. Certain testing has to be performed before the system is put into practical use and run successfully.