May 24, 2024


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Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 Review

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 is the best choice for those who spend a lot of time on the computer and tend to develop hands and wrist pains.  I am in front of the computer and using a mouse the whole day and sometimes it extends into the wee hours of the night.  I thought that only people who have poor posture and who have poor hands positions when using the computer are the ones that get wrist pains.  Now I know that even mice can cause them.

When I started using this mouse, I was pleasantly surprised by how much ease of movement it gives to my hands.  The center scroll wheel doesn’t make scrolling hard for my fingers and my carpal tunnel.   It is very smooth and it doesn’t make any sound.  I use this feature frequently and the principal reason why I bought this is because it felt good under my finger index and middle fingers.

The size of the mouse makes it lightweight and very easy on my hands and fingers.  I have small hands so the small size fits me perfectly.  I don’t need a mouse pad for it to perform well.   

It is very responsive.  I don’t have to move it with big strokes for the cursor to go the place I want it to go.  The left and right button also responds even with very small movement of the finger.

Since using this mouse, I never had any wrist pains again.  Working with this mouse and my laptop is such a pleasure since I bought Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000.