July 13, 2024


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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Enterprise Asset Managers

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Enterprise Asset Managers

What are Enterprise Assets? How do personnel tasked with Enterprise Asset Management go about it?

Enterprise Assets are critical plant assets and resources that help drive the growth of an organization. Managers handling Enterprise Assets usually need the latest and accurate information to achieve goals with regards to up-time and longevity.

For this purpose, they need the Best ERP Software available which helps take proactive decisions so as to prevent situations where a possible equipment breakdown is possible. The ERP Solution also ought to help maximize productivity.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX comes forth as that software. After having it customized for Enterprise Asset Management by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in India, companies managing these assets will be able to handle everything from managing, tracking and maintaining trucks and vans to saving time and money and improving performance and profitability.

There are various benefits of using the Microsoft Axapta ERP for Enterprise Asset Management.

1. Companies get to work with a single set of data. There is one source of truth, one set of costs. It may be known that Enterprise Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX makes full use of its other modules as well such as Inventory, Purchasing and Planning. It happens so in order to simplify complexities and costs. Managers are able to avoid data duplication, system duplication and the need for any kind of third-party add-on solutions.

2. The Best ERP Software integrates easily with Plain Maintenance Processes. The maintenance system gets auto-triggered with critical production information. The enterprise asset capabilities within the Microsoft Axapta ERP than reserve the corresponding downtime on the AX production schedule.

3. AX for Enterprise Asset Management ensures paper trails and transactions are minimal. Users can plan ad schedule work orders, ass standard tasks, back flush parts, spares, material and labor all in one transaction. Besides, they get to monitor quality by automating job creation as part of follow-up besides monitoring all work and inventory.

4. A Microsoft Dynamics Partner in India is an expert in customizing the solution, after which companies will be able to minimize downtime for equipment as well as maximize production. Preventive Maintenance helps get a total overview of the current condition of the machinery and tracking for spare parts consumption, subsequently enabling proactive production planning and optimal scheduling for servicing and inspections.

5. Ax helps improve both short as well as long-term performance through key performance indicators. Companies stand to gain a lot of production benefits as far as equipment time, meantime between inspection, meantime between failure and ROI are concerned.

There are several functionalities in the AX that make it clear why it is one of the best choices for Enterprise Asset Management:

1. Service Object Control: This helps create objects and insert the same in a hierarchical structure. Maintenance can be planned and executed at all levels. Statistics can then be created at the individual level.
2. Plant and Equipment Maintenance: Production sends automatic triggers to maintenance and reserves planned downtime capacity. This leads to the two systems working in tandem.
3. Preventive Maintenance: This is calculated in advance based on actual numbers entered into the system. This allows the company to plan maintenance jobs in advance through one’s own schedule.
4. Resource Planning: This helps display available resources on the basis of job type, object location and capacity. Also, multiple work orders can be combined into one work order.
5. Workflows: This helps ensure that work orders follow a predefined process and jobs do not get skipped. Besides, stages in the workflow process are displayed graphically through work order and job type.
6. Spare Parts Management and Documentation: The Master Planning Function considers all kinds of planned maintenance to ensure all spare parts are in stock at the right time.
7. Preparation and Rebuilding: Acquired Plant Assets demand rebuilding before being put into production. A work order for this job can be included in the service object history to most recent statistics.
8. Field Service: End users get to run work orders via laptop computers connected with the central server. Offline and Remote Service facilities in AX ensure seamless execution of time registration, spare part requests and spare part consumption.
9. Remedial and Fleet Maintenance: Remedial maintenance ensures you get to replace costly breakdowns with preventive maintenance whereas fleet maintenance ensures you manage your fleet with preventive maintenance based on time, mileage triggers or perhaps both.