May 24, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Boosts Your Customer Management

There are many ways to manage your customer data. The easiest way is pen and paper. Grab a nice day planner from your local office supply store and use a pen to keep track of your information. There’s a section for contacts, for day planning and some sheets in the back for notes. This day planner approach works for the most rudimentary of people management needs. Hopefully, one doesn’t need to collect too much information about any single person. The inch or two of allotted space per entry won’t stand for more than a home address, business address and maybe a birthday or note about their favorite color.

Jump to today. Paper based day planners are a far cry from today’s more sophisticated Microsoft Dynamic CRM systems. The address book is replaced by an in depth customer profiling system. You will easily fit those two addresses, the birthday, favorite color… then add in the order history over the past ten years and cross-reference all related employees if you choose. Cross reference entries with others in the same virtual address book so you always have a picture of who’s who and who’s related to who in the big picture of your business.

The MS Dynamics CRM Application is a powerful tool beyond plain contact management. It uses a familiar Outlook style interface to bring your entire customer experience into focus. While managing each contact, you will see a wealth of related information. No steep learning curve with the familiar Outlook interface. You are up and running immediately without the need for specialized training. As familiarity grows, the power of the product becomes more and more evident. It integrates with what you (your employees) are already familiar. It is another step for an expanding business.

Delivering this power is easy using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting. You can maintain the freedom of your own business servers and allow others to host your data in a safe and secure environment. Going the hosting route also leverages the power of software as a service (SaaS). It’s a pay-as-you-go a la carte service where you rent only the software you need. Once rented, you gain access to it from anywhere in the world. The incredible power of SaaS can make even the smallest companies seem large. It comes complete with a dedicated IT support team. One support team committed to maintaining the integrity of your customer database. One team there for you when problems arise.