May 24, 2024


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Microsoft Access As a Database Management Software Solution

The improvement of databases together with database management software programs is the foundation of modern means of dealing with organizational data. The database management solution consolidates data information and objects into databases which could be accessed by various application programs. Furthermore, a significant software package known as a database management system (DBMS) functions as a software interface between people and databases. This permits users to conveniently access the information in a database. As a result, database management entails the use of database management applications to control how databases are made, interrogated, and maintained to provide facts and information needed by end users as well as their organizations. Consequently, the database management approach requires three basic tasks.

1. The maintenance and keeping up to date of common databases to reflect recent business activities and other events demanding changes to an organization’s record.

2. Presenting information needed for every end user’s application by making use of application programs that communicate the data in typical databases. This sharing of information and data are supported by the common applications interface made available from a database management system program. As a result, end users and developers do not have to identify where or how information is physically stored.

3. Present an inquiry / result and reporting functionality through a DBMS program so that end users can readily interrogate databases, create reports, and receive effective response to their unplanned requests for facts and information.

Microsoft Access as a DBMS Solution

Microsoft Access presents users with one of the most effective and most convenient DBMS solutions available today. Frequent users of Microsoft products are going to enjoy the familiar Windows “look and feel” along with the strong integration with various other Microsoft Office family solutions. A wide selection of wizards lessen the complication of administrative tasks in addition to the ever-present Microsoft Office Helper is suitable for those who care to use it. Before acquiring Access, be certain that your system complies with Microsoft’s minimum system requirements.

Access also offers a user-friendly forms interface that enables users to enter details in a graphical form and have that data transparently passed to the database. Reports present the capability to quickly generate attractively formatted summaries of the data within a number of tables and/or queries. By making use of wizards, database users can produce reports in literally just a few minutes. Reports allow the addition of graphics, attractive formatting as well as pagination.

Microsoft Access also presents native assistance for the World Wide Web. Publishing data to the internet is very simple. Should you have a formatted report that you want to share with Internet or Intranet people, you can basically export it to an HTML document and publish it to the organization’s online server.

Lastly, no presentation of Microsoft Access is complete without discussing it’s capability to closely integrate with SQL Server, Microsoft’s specialized database server product. In the event that you are in an organization that makes use of SQL Server, you will be pleased to discover that you can retrieve, manage and work with the data collected on your organization’s database server found in the Microsoft Access environment.