April 14, 2024


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Laptop Battery Packs

By definition, a “battery pack” or a battery is a device used to store chemical energy. The stored chemical energy is converted into electrical energy and is available in the form of Direct Current (D.C.) output. Batteries are made up of one or more, fuel cells. Modern batteries were invented by the Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta. Laptop computers are small mobile personal computers which issentially runs on batteries, On account of the need to be portable, the weight of modern laptops currently available in the market range from 2 to 7 lb. Laptop manufacturers are developing models of lesser weight by using lightweight materials.

Even though laptops usually run on batteries when near a suitable power source isn’t available, they can also be run using adapters, which simultaniously charge the battery using power from a 110 Volts A.C. outlet. Over the last decade, as technology improved, the usefulness and popularity of laptops has steadly increased, even as the prices keep coming down. Highly efficient power-saving processors have been developed specifically for mobile applications. Moreover, lightweight powerful laptop batteried have been developed with the advances in battery technology. The heavy car batteries that were being used initially have been replaced with lighter and more efficient battery types such as Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer.

Laptops in the early 90s used the same Central Processing Units (CPUs) as used in decktop computers. They also had to use slower processors because the faster processors required more energy. With the introduction of processors specifically designed for laptops, the total power requirements of the laptop were reduced drastically.

The latest laptop models use usually use Lithium Ion batteries, which have replaced the older NiMH batteries. The battery life of laptops with light-duty use is usually between two to five hours. However, if a laptop is used continuously, the battery life may drop to around one hour. The chemicals inside the batteries gradually degenerate over time and eventually, the batteries have to be replaced. Depending on the charging and discharging pattern, Lithium ion batteries can last from one to five years.