July 24, 2024


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Italian Gold Coins – The Italian 20 Lire Gold Coin

Umberto 1 was the king of Italy before which he was a duke in the year 1878. His assassination took place in 1900 until which he ruled in Italy. The era of European coinage in the 19th century showed the famous Italian gold coin of 20 lire. In the year of 1979 the image of Umberto 1 was first seen on those gold coins.

It was before Umberto 1 came into power around the year 1878 that the Italian coins were held back in the regions of Rome, Genoa, Turin and Milan. Soon after these coins were being minted along with the 20 lire coins in the mint of Rome. Some portions of the coins were being minted with red gold around the year 1882.

The span of ruling for Umberto 1 was between 1878 and 1900. He ruled in the middle of the era of the Vittorio ruling. Between Emanuele 2 and Emanuele 3, Umberto ruled like a royal personality. The region which is at present known as Italy, was used to be known as a bunch of independent kingdoms and states. It was almost before the era of Emanuele 2 of the Vittorian dynasty. It was around 1860 and the king of Sardinia that Emanuele 2 of the Vittorian dynasty was being made the king of the Italian kingdom.

Apart from knowing about the history of the gold coins of 20 lire, there are a lot of things to be known about the coins which are related to the description of such coins. These coins are of 6.4516 g of weight with a composition of gold of 90%. Having diameter of 21mm, these coins prevailed between the years 1879 to 1897 in the mint of Rome. The gold content of such coins was 0.1867 oz. To be precise those coins were something very unique of the era.

The man behind these coins to be brought to the limelight was Umberto 1 himself who proudly ruled Italy for about 23 shining years. These years proved to be shining owing to the fact that the introduction of a unique creation took place during that time which was being appreciated by a great number of people.

In a way it created history not only in the minds of people decades ahead but also will be highlighted in the books of history ages ahead. Moreover the system of having the face of a legend of the era on coins came into focus. It began with the picture of Umberto 1 on the coin and slowly the picture of Vittorian queen could be seen on the coons in the Vittorian era.

Nevertheless the outstanding creation of the Italian coins made a permanent remarkable place in the world history of great creation of coins.