May 24, 2024


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Is Lockerz Just Another Fraud Site?

Is Lockerz one more rip-off web page?

Definitely not! This site 100% legitimate and does mail you prizes. You can lookup all in excess of the web and obtain videos of people worldwide unboxing prizes they have obtained kind Lockerz. You also have to be wondering… how do they pay for to ship out that many prizes? And are they just using the environment extensive web proper now to obtain everyone’s details so that they can provide it to advertisers?

Perfectly 1st off Lockerz is run by significant reputable folks. The current CEO is Kathy Savitt. She used to be the Vice President at and the CMO at American Eagle. Also this internet site is funded by Liberty Media, which owns a important element of Time Warner Films. As you can see, this internet site is just not participating in around, they want to be huge. All of this data ties into the problem, how do they manage to ship out so numerous prizes? Lockerz was introduced in March of 2009 and started off off with 50 users all through the US. They required to create a popularity that this web-site isn’t really a rip-off so they produced the prizes on their online store really cheap. I am chatting 10x less than other very similar prize web-sites. So associates are accumulating adequate factors, which is their currency, to acquire a $300 product in about thirty day period or considerably less. In consequence to these low costs, hundreds joined day to day. Now they have in excess of 2 million members within just several months just after launch, which is just awesome. As I mentioned before, their funding is Liberty Media so they can afford to pay for to ship out countless numbers and thousands of prizes ranging from about $5-$2000 each and every. So the response to the query, they are developing a track record and they are sending out tons of prizes to folks worldwide displaying that their business is 100% legit.

Now to remedy the best query. Are they heading to be promoting their members’ data? Certainly not, If they did do that they would wholly eliminate their status and all of the hundreds of countless numbers of bucks invested into their web-site will be long gone to squander. Just to verify that Lockerz is not rip-off even a lot more, they have sponsored several fashion demonstrates, and have develop into partners with the apparel line Ruffian.

To sum it all up, this website is most certainly not a rip-off.