April 19, 2024


Bring Out Techno

How to Send Free Text Messages On Your Iphone Using the Safari Browser

If you are like me, then you text message on a daily basis and you consider it more of a necessity rather than just an option on your Iphone. I don’t know what it is, but text messaging or texting is really, really addicting and easier than making a phone call.

The only problem with text messaging is it can get very expensive, very fast and before you know it, you are over your wireless plan’s limit. At the beginning of the month or billing cycle for your iphone, you say to yourself, “no way am I going to text over 200 times this month”, but low and behold, a month down the road you get your bill and you have used 350 text messages. That is 150 over the 200 text messages you get with the Iphone’s AT&T standard plan, that is 150 extra text messages at 10 cents a piece which makes your bill $15 dollars or more than it has to be.

That can really make a dent in your wallet if you don’t get your text messaging under control or find an alternative, and if you are an avid text messenger like I am, you know that once you get in the habit of use text messages instead of making phone calls, you do it more and more often. Actually, text messaging has become so popular that vocal conversations over cell phones have become a distant memory or the second option to send text messages.

As the avid text messenger and penny pincher that I am, I was destine to find a way around paying for going over my text messages and I didn’t want to alter my wireless plan and pay more money, so I did some research and found this website Joopz.

This website, which you can access through the safari browser on your Iphone, will allow you to send free text messages which can save you lots of money depending on your how much you use text on a monthly basis.