July 24, 2024


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How to Repair Dell E151FP LCD Monitor

This model of lcd monitor I had received a lot of my protech2u.com subscriber requirements. All are regarding service manual and how-to repaired the dell e151fp lcd monitor. So I decided to write this repaired notes to you.

Last year until now, I had repaired many of this model lcd monitors. But most of the problems are no power or power on about 3 second then power cut off. Actually Dell E151FP Lcd monitor are make from Acer (Acer FP553 Chassis). The damaged components need to change are all the same. When I first time repaired this model lcd, I used about one and half hours to solve these problems. After I had these repairing experienced on dell e151fp lcd monitor, I just used about ten minutes to solve these type of symptoms.

After you read this useful note, then you will know which parts or component are easily damaged and you can quickly check these first. Finally these tips are save you a lot of time and money. Below are the lists of common defective components at the Dell E151FP LCD Monitor.

Symptom: No power or power comes up a while then no power.

1) F601= 2A Fuse

2) C605= 68uf 400v (must change)

3) R615= 0.68ohm 1watt

4) Q601= SSS6N60A

5) R613= 1Kohm 1/8watt (value changed to 2.3Kohm or higher)

6) R623= 4.7ohm 1/8watt (value changed to 7.2ohm or higher)

7) D604= 1N4148

8) IC601=UC3842B

9) C707 & C703= 1000uF 16V (must change, because of bad ESR value) secondary filter capacitor.

Sometime, this model lcd also have some others problem, like display darkness. This problem of dell e151fp lcd monitor, you just need to resolder the inverter section (bad points or dry joint) and also check the capacitor value with ESR meter. It will solve your problems.