May 24, 2024


Bring Out Techno

How to Make a Web Show – Make a Web Show Like iCarly in Five Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to make a web show? Maybe you’ve thought about it but never got to it. Maybe you wanted to it but had know idea how to. If any if these things apply to you then this is the article for you. This is a step by step guide to making a web show.

Step 1: Pick a topic – Pick a topic like (improv, pranks, fun, or, a hobby, anything you want that you would think people would be interested in,etc.).

Step 2: Pick a name – Pick a catchy name, something people will remember. Like iCarly “i” for internet and Carly because her name is Carly. A catchy name makes people come back to your website/webshow.

Step 3: Find friends – Find a friend or two who would be interested in the topic and would be willing to help. Make sure they want to help or else it could cause conflict and that wouldn’t be good.

Step 4: Start coming up with ideas for bits (little things to do during the show). When coming up with bits write them on a post-it note along with the idea write the and any notes you have.

Step 5: Have fun and start filming – There is no point in doing it if it isn’t fun for you and your friends. The more fun you have the more the viewers like it.

I hope this helped you make your own web show. If this didn’t help quite as much as you thought it would check out this site for more info.