April 14, 2024


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How To Hypnotize Someone Using The Rapid 8 Word Induction

The 8 word induction is simply this, “Press on my hand, close your eyes, sleep!” I will describe in detail exactly how to do it and exactly why it works so well. In fact this induction is far easier to do than long inductions involving breathing/relaxation techniques or techniques involving visualizations.. It may take some time before you are confident enough to perform it. This article also contains instructions on how to build up to this induction.

The first thing you need to do is get the person to sit down somewhere comfortable. Then you tell the person to press on your hand and make sure they don’t have to stretch out very much. What you will soon do is suddenly pull your hand away. As a result you want to make sure that they are put off balance when you do, so make sure they are pressing nice and hard. Press back if you need to. Then tell them to close their eyes and very quickly after they close their eyes you pull your hand away. This should cause them to lunge slightly forward.

In this moment their body is put off balance. During this time they will latch on to whatever suggestion is given to them. What you are really doing is interrupting their equilibrium and playing on responses from more primitive parts of the brain. It is in this precise moment that you give them the command to sleep. Their head should immediately go limp and they should enter into a trance.

Immediately afterward you need to deepen the trance. You can do this simply by guiding their breathing, counting backwards from 10 or by using a metaphor for relaxation like them visualizing walking down a staircase. All of these things will help get them into a deep trance.

Now you might be concerned about doing this to someone and worrying that they will not enter a trance. If you already know how to do a slow hypnotic induction you can actually build up to this. The first time you hypnotize the person you use whatever induction you have in your hypnotic tool belt. During the hypnosis session use this suggestion, “the next time I hypnotize you all you will have to do is push on my hand and you will enter a trance even deeper than the one you are in now”. You can embed this suggestion, wake the person up and then try the induction straight away.

This induction is in fact so simple that it is the main one I use. It works when I’m doing a stage show just as well as it does when I’m doing work with a client.