May 24, 2024


Bring Out Techno

How to Get 10,000 Visitors to Your Site in the First Month

Ten thousand visitors the first month? To get this, what you’ve got to do is break it down. Let’s just for easy number sake, let’s say there’s thirty days in a month. So, you’re going to need 300 visitors per day.

Now, I want to distinguish there’s a difference between visitors and names and emails. I get about a thousand unique visitors a day to my website, but I may only get thirty, forty, fifty, sixty people who sign up their email address and their name.

So, for visitors, you need 300 visitors per day. If you had a ten hour day, that’s thirty visitors per hour or two visitors per minute. Now, if you are willing to spend some money, I would hire someone part time, and their job is to promote and direct people to your site.

Now what’s on your site? Is there something of value? Why would someone want to go to your site? You have to have your strategy. You’ve got to have something to offer at your site to get a visitor. So, that’s number one what you have to think about. You can hire part time people like I talked about on Craig’s List under the gig section or Elance. You can farm it out. You can even go overseas to farm out some of this labor.

That you have to be careful with, but there’s other labor that you can farm out who can handle this. So, look at the possibility of outsourcing, and you can do a search on Google. I’m sure with some effort, you can find someone to do that.