July 24, 2024


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How Furniture Design Has Changed in the Last 100 Years

The needs and wants of consumers have changed a whole lot over time. This is evident with all that has changed in technology, vehicles, fashion, and home decor. Every aspect of consumer buying has been marked by a constant change in design. Consumers may not be completely aware of it, but furniture design has changed a lot over the last 100 years.

The early era of furniture design was marked by lots of hand-crafted pieces. Much of the furniture from the early era of furniture design was produced outside of the United States. Italy, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada were all major players in the furniture import arena.

Some of these areas still provide furniture for the United States, but the U.S. doesn’t rely on imports as heavily as it did 100 years ago. Much of the furniture that is purchased throughout the states is manufactured in America.

The American design also marked a change in quantity as well. Certain pieces of furniture are mass produced through technological advancements that have drastically reduced lots of hand crafted manufacturing techniques. This has changed the way that consumers buy furniture as well. The present day furniture designs have expanded to include more than a sofa and a love seat. Many furniture sets are designed with a recliner or an ottoman. This extended design has supported the housing developments that were designed for larger family units.

Another aspect of design that marks change is the different varieties that are available. Sofas and chairs are made of leather and suede, but there are also unique designers that specialize in other material designs. There are designers that make sofas from paper. Others may even utilize unique substances like crystals to form chairs. Most of this is experimental, but many of the present designs give a small glimpse into future furniture designs.

This is be realized even more as more designers go green and use less wood to construct furniture. Much of this is based on the powerhouse companies that are behind many of the designs that are purchased today. The business of furniture sales is no longer a one dimensional sales market. Today former super models like Cindy Crawford have a major hand in creating different furniture designs. This marks a big change from the limited designs that were available 100 years ago.

This variety is part of the change that consumers have looked forward to in recent years. Present day furniture is a conversation piece. It is more than a couple chairs and a couch. Furniture comes in different textures and colours. There are plush sofas, decorative chairs, and colourful sofas that have been designed with technology. These pieces show ongoing changes in design.