June 25, 2024


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How Does The Word and Quot – But and Quot – Undo The Unconditional Love Of God?

Why do I love God? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why would anyone love God? Why would anyone want to be close to or intimate with God? The Bible gives us the answer. “We love Him because He first loved us.” In other words, a person will not develop an attraction to God without first knowing that He is genuinely head over heels in love with them.

Now here’s another question. Why are there so many who seem to hate God? Why do so many reject God? I’m convinces that the answer is simple. They have not learned of God’s great love for them. In fact many have been taught that God hates them. Why would anyone want to love a creator whom despises them? Why would they want to accept a creator whom they have been taught hates and rejects them?

Think about it. Think about it. If an individual is convinced that their creator hates them, rejects them, and would want absolutely nothing to do with them, why on earth would that person want anything to do with God? How could they feel affection for God if they’ve been taught that He despises them?? On the other hand, what if a person is completely convinced that God loves them no matter what? What if they believe that regardless of their past, present, or future performance their standing is secure? What if they are convinced that Christ came to prove that there is absolutely nothing they need to do to try and merit acceptance from God? What if they saw the cross not as an expression of disdain or a warning to shape up, but instead saw it for what Paul tells us it is. “God demonstrating His love for us.”.

It only makes sense.

Why are there so many in the world today who want nothing to do with God? It’s because they’ve been led to believe that due to their poor performance and dirtiness that God wants nothing to do with them.

When many people hear about the love of God, it is presented in a somewhat psychotic way.

“God absolutely and unconditionally loves you. But… “

Have you ever noticed that when the word “but” follows a statement about the unconditional love of God, it’s a setup for placing all sorts of conditions upon what is supposed to be unconditional? The word “but” has the power to undo whatever came before it.

“Sure I think you are pretty, but… “;”

“Sure I trust you, but…”

“I’m here to tell you about the unconditional love of God. Yes He loves you but let me give you a list of conditions that must be adhered to in order to stay on His good side to be a recipient of His love.”

We hear words like, God loves us, Christ is the Savior, we are saved by grace, it’s a gift from God, and Christ has redeemed us, there is nothing you can do to cause God to love you or accept you, and that it’s all based upon what Christ has done for us. Then so often it’s followed up with the dirty little three letter word BUT.

Have you noticed how the word “but” immediately takes the focus off of the Savior Christ Jesus and His finished work and places the focus on humanity trying to do something to gain what Christ has already paid for?? Have you noticed how the word “but” takes one’s eyes off of what was accomplished by Christ for humanity and places them on what you and I attempt to do for Christ?

When you think it through, doesn’t it seem that the words following “but” typically place people in the position of saving themselves based upon what they do or don’t do rather than having the focus on what Christ has already done.

What if Christ truly is the Savior?

What if God doesn’t need your help to save you?

What if God really does absolutely and unconditionally love you and He sent His Son to prove that point and to do any work that needed to be done?