July 13, 2024


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Getting Java Applications on a Mobile Phone

Getting Java Applications on a Mobile Phone

This little “how to” assumes you are among the millions who who use a windows based PC to download the desired java programs and then transferring them to your mobile phone (unless your phone has internal memory the Java applications need to be copied to a TF card (or other memory cards for mobile phones), which is afterwards inserted into your phone). Also, this article is meant to be a basic overview for all java mobile phones, but will most likely be very handy to people who own an unbranded mobile phone manufactured in China.

Step 1.
Make sure to find if your phone can run Java programs. For famous brands, including such phones as the iPhone, you should see a Java icon or just do a quick Google or yahoo search. For phones without a brand, make sure to ask your supplier that your mobile has the ability to run java.

Step 2.
Plug your phone to your computer on one USB port. Following that, you will get a a newly created drive pop up in your “My Computer”, just as if you connected USB flash disk or MP3 player. If your mobile phone happens to have a memory card and internal memory (likey microSD card) you will see two removable drives.

Set up a new folder within a removable drive with some untapped memory, and call it “java” (I suggest this as a way to make sure things nice and clean so you will be able to locate your downloaded stuff in a later step, but it in the end shouldn’t hurt what you call the file).

Step 3.
Look around for any java apps you think are cool. I advise this site.


They have a nice selection of apps, and you can narrow your search by OS or maker for quick choices. I prefer Java Generic, the reason being it can often operate on almost any mobile. After you find the java app you like, download it, however, what you wish to download from the site is a JAR file

Step 4.
After you have finished downloading the app, you should have a file that is zipped. Don’t unzip it. All that is needed is to click and drag zipped app from your PC to your mobile using a USB cable (remember step 2? Helpful to have a file already dubbed java, not true?)

Step 5.
Disconnect your cell from the pc, navigate to your phones file manager and look around for your folder for java apps. Browse it, and you will see your java app. Click it, and allow installation. After that, the phone will begin to install automatically and inform you when and if the installation was successful.

Step 6.
Browse the program on your cell that operates Java apps, locate your uploaded application, and use the application.

That’s basically it. Beware that not all apps will operate with each phone model, or might just not work right. I would recommend free java apps, or if not free, looking around for a reduced trial version if at all possible. If they don’t function, then you really haven’t lost anything. Also be aware that java apps do much more than only play funny games. Some of the best programs add everything from better and fancier music and movie players, to office tools.