June 19, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Gender Prediction and the Chinese Calculator

Couples can use a Chinese conception chart, also known as a Chinese pregnancy calculator to predict the gender of their child. This will all be depending on the month of conception, the mother’s age and when the child was conceived.

The mother’s age on the chart ranges from 18 to 45 years old. It is rumored that this Chinese gender calculator was unearthed approximately 700 years ago from a royal grave. While many claim that this tool used to determine baby gender is successful more times than it’s not, are you ready to roll the dice? It is common for expecting parents in the West to use this solely for amusement purposes. Perhaps a Chinese due date calculator will soon be discovered, and parents will be able to further enjoy anticipation of their child’s arrival!

For myself as a mom of 5 kids I have used many of the charts and tests to determine baby’s gender. I have found the Chinese conception charts and Chinese gender calculator to be fairly accurate, depending on your age. They were wrong for my first 2 children; I was 20 and 23 with them. They were right with my last 3; I was 25, 27 and 29 with them.

You must remember to use a Chinese calendar style due date calculator or else your conception date will be way off. Or better yet just find a Chinese pregnancy calendar. A lot of them have the info right there for you. Of course you must know that they are all out there for fun. I certainly wouldn’t go out and buy clothes or toys based on them.

Then there are other tests, silly little ones that ask a series of questions like: is your hair growing faster, do you like sweet or sour and things like that. If you try the draino test do it outside in a glass jar. Otherwise it stinks horribly and it will melt anything plastic. It has a 50/50 chance in my opinion.

Oh I especially enjoyed the fortune-baby test. It was fun and exciting, though again I resorted to more traditional Western practices of using ultra sound. It was fun to try methods used by different cultures and yet basically the only truly accurate way to determine the gender of your baby is via ultra sound or amniocenteses tests. Amniocentesis, which by the way is 100% accurate; yet it has a small risk to mom and baby.

It’s up to you what to try, just be sure you have fun with it and don’t take it to heart! I would suggest you don’t go shopping based on any gender prediction test besides the ultra sound or amniocenteses. Happy Pregnancy!