May 23, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Designing Your Web Site for SEO

When designing your web site with search engine optimization in mind, you must remember to leave plenty of room for keyword relevant content.

What is keyword relevant content you ask? Keyword relevant content is content that has keywords relevant to your companies business that people are searching for in the search engines spread through out it.

The search engines crawl web sites continuously looking for sites with the most relevance keyword content to index and place in the top positions. When you do a search for a product, you expect the most relevant results to show up and the only way search engines stay in business is by providing the best possible results available.

Go to your competitor’s web site that is placing well for a particular keyword you are trying to place with. Count how many times you see that keyword listed throughout the web site. Most of the time you will see the sites with more keyword content doing better than sites with little to no content.

Also, make sure you use the same keywords in your metatags and page content. This will confirm the relevancy with the engines as they count your keywords in your title and description tags along with the keywords in your page content together.

Remember the most important rule about optimizing for your site. If your customers don’t understand what you services are, then getting traffic to your web site is completely meaningless. Add enough content to make your site relevant to the search engines but make sure it makes since to your visitors, after all that is what your in business for.

Have fun and be original.