May 29, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Creative Uses For Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation creation software that is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. Over the years it has become the industry standard and is relied heavily upon by employees and students for both work and school presentations. However, it isn’t just a presentation maker. Many people will never use PowerPoint beyond a school or work presentation. This is a shame because there are other more creative uses for the Microsoft PowerPoint software. With a little creativity and knowledge of how to use the interactive features, you can make a personal presentation come alive.

Wedding Slide Show

What wedding isn’t complete without a picture slide show of the bride and groom? People often go to weddings expecting to see a montage of baby photos, awkward teenage photos, and romantic photos of the newlyweds set to romantic music. Microsoft PowerPoint provides everything a bride or groom needs to create a picture slide show including transition effects and background music. Romantic themed templates for a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation are readily available on the internet.

Interactive Resume

With the job market as tough as it is, job seekers must be able to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Hiring managers often see the same boring resume a hundred times over. An interactive resume highlighting a persons skills and experience might be able to show employers how qualified, skilled, and creative you are. Sharing your resume PowerPoint is as simple as attaching it to an email, or uploading it to a website and sharing the link with potential employers. There are several slide show sharing sites such as Scribd that you can upload your PowerPoint resume to.

Interactive Book Report

For students, Microsoft PowerPoint is often associated with a presentation that is either developed by an individual or within a group. However, students can also use it as a book report tool. The same method of sharing information that is often associated with a presentation can also be used in a book report. With a PowerPoint book report, students can provide a background on the author, main characters, relevant events and overall themes of the book.

Overall, these are just a few creative uses for Microsoft PowerPoint. There are many other uses to be discovered by just playing around with the software. Doing a search on the internet can also bring about newer and more exotic uses for Microsoft PowerPoint. Unleash your creativity and discover what you can create with PowerPoint today!