July 24, 2024


Bring Out Techno

Coolness – In Present Era

“COOL” a word after which the entire youth is running is actually not coolness but rather foolishness. In today’s generation cool is that boy/girl who is popular on social media, cool is that person who dress well in order to impress others(doesn’t matter even if it makes the person uncomfortable). The common phrase that “INDIANS RE SHEEPS”is actually justified by our leaders, that is our youth. If something is trending on social media then everyone tries to copy it and thinks it will be uncool if we don’t follow what is served on social websites be it a rubbish challenges or bullying someone, everyone tries to imitate it without thinking that this actually makes them look foolish rather than COOL. Well we need to stop and think that what is BEING COOL. Cool is not that person who wears branded clothes, watches or drive expensive bikes rather cool is that person who wears what he wants and carry himself confidently and doesn’t worry about what others will say. Cool is not that girl who wear short clothes in order to grab attention even if those clothes makes her uncomfortable rather cool is that lady who dances like maniac even if she is considered as crazy by her fellow beings. Cool is not that girl who torture her body to get slim figure in order to be fit in the unrealistic beauty standards of society, rather cool is that girl who is fat but carry herself like she owns the world. Cool is not that person who does what everyone is doing just to fit in the society, rather cool is that person who follows his/ her heart and challenge her/his self to achieve what they have dreamt of even if it requires standing apart from crowd. Cool is not that person who just sits and pass comments on the passerby but cool is that person who doesn’t respond to those comments. We live in a society where BEING COOL is more important than fulfilling their dreams. Our youth needs to understand that coolness is not about faking something rather coolness is just being yourself. We just need to broaden our horizon about COOLNESS after all only we that is youth can bring the change what we want to see in others. Coolness is just a state of mind, it has nothing to do with social status or your outside appearance.