April 19, 2024


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Computer Book Review – Microsoft’s Next Leap Forward

One of the greatest success stories of all times in the business world is perhaps the story and history of Microsoft. Selling software is a great business because once you create it, you can indeed sell it millions of times. And Microsoft has the advantage because their operating systems run on 95% of all computers in the World. Under the leadership of Bill Gates in all his creating brilliance and genius, he created one of the most dynamic and largest companies on a surface of the planet.

But now that Bill Gates has left the company, many are wondering what comes next. Microsoft is no longer just a software company, as they are involved in the Internet, they run the second largest, and many would agree the best search engine and they are involved in online advertising. Microsoft is also a media company amongst other things. Their research and development departments are on the leading technological edge of just about everything.

Many its software industry analysts wonder what will be the next step for Microsoft. Will Microsoft break off into a spinoff companies? Now that the Federal Trade Commission’s unwarranted attacks are completed with Microsoft and the now that Bill Gates has left the company, where will they go today? Indeed, there seems to be a lot of pretty strong opinions and countless predictions on this subject.

One author has some things to say on this issue and whereas, I think she has some very good points, I do not agree with all of her contention, but she brings up some very interesting and philosophical questions. Thus, I’d like to recommend this book to you;

“Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to Stay Relevant in the Post Gates Era,” by Mary Jo Foley, John Wiley and Sons Publishing; 2008.