July 24, 2024


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Complex Crafting and XML – Why the Long term of Documentation Belongs to Prolonged Markup Language?

XML, that is, Prolonged Markup Language, is the upcoming of technological writing and complex interaction.

There are TWO pretty significant explanations why that is so.

Reason 1: XML is at the heart of “single sourcing” movement. The entire concept is to compose anything as soon as and then “tag” it in these a way that it would be doable to publish in a lot of formats and on several gadgets and platforms with out producing any further more adjustments to it. XML makes that feasible.

One bottleneck at this time of composing is this – it is nonetheless pretty tough to structure XML-tagged textual content in specifically the way you want it. XML is not a designer’s dream, by any signifies. Nonetheless attaching a “fashion sheet” to an XML textual content and converting into a pleasurable and wanting effectively laid out doc is a long run aspiration. But better minds are operating on it day and evening and I’m guaranteed someday in the potential we are going to get more than this hump as nicely.

Cause 2: XML is a manager’s dream due to the fact creating after and publishing numerous instances drops device creation fees immensely. Envision employing a workforce to publish a journal, another to write-up a world wide web web site, and however a 3rd crew to compile a support file by utilizing the Same material! Compare that to a solitary crew that publishes the identical articles in 3 separate techniques, all thanks to XML! The decision is apparent.

The most straightforward way to create an XML doc is to use Adobe FrameMaker in its “structured” manner. You can study how to do that in just a moment and excellent it more than a issue of weeks. But that is the matter of nonetheless yet another write-up…

May you one-source and export your joy and enthusiasm for lifestyle to every single system that is readily available to you!