May 24, 2024


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Compact Printers: A Review of the HP A616 Photosmart Compact Photo Printer

A lot of people are now looking for compact printers which they can carry around and use for different printing purposes. If you’re looking for one that’s excellent in producing beautiful photographs and clear, crisp images, then you have to check out the HP A616 Photosmart Compact Photo Printer. Here is an in-depth review of this device.


With regards to its aesthetic design, this model is well made. It’s simple but attractive and has a nice appearance that also helps make it more compact. Its paper tray is pop-up and you can close it when not in use and just pop it open when you’re ready to print. The output feeder also has a cover which you can close and open on appropriate times. The LCD display can also be folded down and propped up when you need it.

The dimensions of the device are 9.9” x 4.6” x 5.1” and it weighs a mere 3.46 pounds, very lightweight and compact for everyday travel. You can bring it anywhere you want and it’s very easy to handle, so you won’t have a hard time traveling with it or keeping it on your back seat. It’s also very simple to use with its 2.4” LCD display and very intuitive buttons. The buttons are found at the top panel and each of them are labeled for easy navigation and operation, so you won’t need to use a computer when you’re printing from different memory cards, a PictBridge camera, or a USB flash disk which are all compatible with the model. You can also use an optional Bluetooth adapter to access Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly.

Printing and Other Functions

This device is a dedicated compact photo printer, and as compared to other compact printers, this can only print on photo paper sizes 4×6, 4×6.5, 4×8 photo card, 5×7, and 4×12 panorama. If you’re looking for a compact photo printer that can also print documents, then this model isn’t for you. But when it comes to photo printing, this device can really deliver excellent quality photographs that are close to professional in clarity, resolution, and detail. The maximum resolution it can produce for printouts is 4800×1200 dpi, and it can also produce printouts in as fast as 39 seconds, borderless and through direct connect.

Its paper tray can carry up to 20 sheets of photo paper so you can print continuously up to 20 photos. It can also print borderless up to 5×7 paper size. You can also print documents or important data on index cards and other smaller paper sizes.

Other Features

The device has built-in Real Life Technologies features which make printing without a PC easier and more useful. These include HP Adaptive Lighting and HP Auto Red-eye Removal. There are two things that this device lacks, though. First, the printer has no battery power source, which is a must nowadays for all portable devices. However, there is a separate Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that HP offers and is compatible with the device, so you can just buy that and complete the functionality of the printer. Second, it is not an Energy Star compliant device so it doesn’t conserve energy, and Mother Nature wouldn’t benefit from its use.


A lot of compact printers can be bought in the market but very few of them are dedicated photo printers, and the HP A616 Photosmart Compact Photo Printer is considerably one of the best when it comes to mobile photo printing. So if you’re in search for the best compact photo printer, this is the best model which I can recommend to you.