May 29, 2024


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Boyfriend Doesn’t Keep His Word! What Shall I Do? Some Down to Earth Advice to Handle Such a Guy

The fact that your boyfriend does not keep his word leaves you frustrated and wondering as to what you should do. Only when he is afraid of losing you will he realize your worth and value. Here’s some down to earth advice what you should do.

Do not jump to conclusions

Perhaps it’s too soon in the relationship for him to realize that he needs to give you more time than he is. He may be committed in other ways which he cannot give up overnight. The best way is give him time and not to jump to conclusions.

Find out about his commitments

Find out what his commitments are. How does he spend his free time? Is he working or into evening classes or training, or is he doing a late evening work shift? May be this is why he’s unable to keep his word.

Ask him if you could be of help

Ask him if there’s some thing that you could do to help him out with to help finish his work and get more free time. May be he’ll appreciate your concern and take help from you. That way you would be able to be with him too.

Leave him alone for some time

One way to handle a guy who cannot keep his word would be to leave him alone for some time. Show him that you are not much into him because he’s not serious about keeping his word and that he does not value you or your time. Be firm.

Keep a time limit

If your guy mentions meeting you then give him a time limit after which you will not wait for him. Be strict about this time or he will take you for granted and go back on his word whenever time and again. You should determine the time limit.

Pay him back in his coin

Sometimes you have to resort to things like this. If he continues to go back on his word then you too must pay him back in his coin. It is only when he realizes how it feels will he learn not to go back on his word or make false promises.

Pay some other guy attention

This is only a stop gap arrangement until he learns to keep his word. If you really long for him, but just want to teach him a lesson, then pay attention to some other guy in his presence itself, to create pangs of jealousy. This alone will bring him around.