July 13, 2024


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Best Android Tablet Computers – Tips On Purchasing A Quality Slate PC

Best Android Tablet Computers – Tips On Purchasing A Quality Slate PC

When purchasing Android tablet computers, considering a few factors like display size, operating system, internal memory, connectivity and battery life will help you choose a quality WiFi or 3G tablet. We look at these factors and the 3 best Android tablet PCs.

Display Size
7 inch and 10 inch slate PCs are the most common. Examples of 7 inch Android tablet computers include the Kindle Fire Color, Nook Tablet and Kobo Vox. These devices are more like e-Readers (with the benefit of color) and therefore are popular with children and bookworms because their smaller screen and lightweight makes them ideal for reading books.

10 inch tablet PCs are ideal for watching movies, playing games, Internet browsing, and reading large publications like newspapers and magazines.

Android Vs Apple Tablet PCs
When purchasing Android tablet computers you have the options of Android or Apple tablets. If you intend on using flush websites the best slate PCs to purchase are Android slate PCs. This is because they have flush support whereas Apple tablets do not.

If you are looking to buy a cheap table PC, Android tablet PCs are a better option because you get a wide variety to choose from both high and cheap priced. Apple tablets on the other hand are premium products and thus are expensive but quite reliable.

Internal Memory
The majority of Android tablet computers come with 16Gb internal memory as standard. Out of the aforementioned internal memory 12Gb is available for the user’s content. If you would like more memory than that which comes on board the device. Ensure the WiFi or 3G tablet PC you purchase has a microSD memory card support. A microSD memory card will enable you to increase the memory by 8Gb, 16Gb, or 32Gb.

Together with the internal memory purchasing a slate PC with a USB port will enable you to store your content externally on a USB flash disk.

If you are frequently on the road or simply want ever present connection. A device with 4G or 3G mobile broadband is recommended. This is because it will save you the trouble of having to search for a hotspot or swipe SIM cards while on the road.

Wi-Fi only Android tablet computers require you to be near a hotspot to get connected, but they have the advantage of being cheaper than those that have 4G or 3G mobile broadband.

Battery Life
A WiFi or 3G tablet PC capable of giving you a battery life of more than seven and a half hours is worth considering. Some of the best Android tablet computers such as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy Tab give you more than nine and a half hours of battery life on normal use.